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Our New T-Shirts Are Super Awesome!

– Thursday, February 19, 2015 –

We have already started giving these out, but I wanted to formally introduce our awesome new shirts!  I had been wanting to create a custom design and a local artist came up with these new styles that are better than anything I could have imagined!  You get a shirt when you get your braces on, but you can also buy additional ones (friends? family? you just want the whole collection?) with your Mioduski Money rewards coins (or regular cash money).  Check these beautiful creations out!


The Story

I love T-shirts - and probably have WAY too many that I have collected over the years.  When the practice opened, we started with some pretty cool tees from a great orthodontic company, but I knew ultimately I wanted something a little more custom to "us."  Our most popular tee at that time was a cute frog with braces, so I knew an animal had to be in the mix.  I also felt that our area code 970 really represents Northern Colorado and I wanted to use that to showcare the best area of the state!  I contacted our amazing website designer and he gave us an incredible local artist who took my vision of "moose with braces" and "970" and created something spectatcular.  

The most popular of our original tees:





The Prototype

The artist sent these and I was immediately smitten!  So cool and exactly what I wanted.

ortho shirt moose braces ortho shirt 970






The Finished Product

We added our office information, decided on the best colors, and printed on a super-soft broken-in tee.  









The Moose:  One of my favorite animals (and a Colorado icon) smiling with a magnificent set of braces and printed on your choice of heather orange or teal (our signature color).  














The 970:  Northern Colorado's identifying area code set within a cool backdrop of Colorado mountains and printed on heather grey.  


by Dr. Jill K. Mioduski

Dr. Jill grew up in North Muskegon, Michigan, a small town just off Lake Michigan. She has known she wanted to be an orthodontist since fourth grade!

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